Happy New Year! Someone once told me if nothing changes, then nothing changes. My interpretation: if I always do what I always do then I’m always going to be doing what I’ve always done. Wait? Does that make sense? My point is I have to start doing things differently. So rather than continuing to think the internet is an evil place where attention starved teenagers come to pour out their hearts on Facebook and tumbler and profess their undying, unrequited love to Justin Bieber, I’m going to attempt to make this my outlet.

our-deepest-fear-is-not-that-we-are-inadequate-our.pngI’m sharing one of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson- it’s my favorite not because its one of the boldest pep talks around, it’s my favorite because it makes me really think. Is my deepest fear that I’m inadequate or powerful beyond measure? I don’t know which I’d rather be. Feeling inadequate is comfortable it’s so easy for us to fall back on and shrink to nothing. Feeling powerful beyond measure that’s a lot of responsibility. You’re larger than life. There are expectations that go along with that…so of course it is likely our greatest fear is indeed that we are powerful beyond measure…

But I always choose to be powerful beyond measure because my God is powerful beyond measure. He gave us the ability to reflect his light. To light up the dark and put some more people in this world that keep that darkness at bay. When I have God on my side, there is nothing more powerful than I.

So whoever or whom ever you draw power and strength from, carry it with you in 2017.


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