I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours…

Monday night I went for run. It was one of those cleansing runs, with every step I seemed to get lighter (though my time does not reflect this nor does the scale) and my thoughts were clear…

I started thinking about the conversations I’ve recently had with some newer friends about my experiences and my life. And I will say, my life and my pain is nothing special. It’s just mine. So, as I’m having these conversations, I am realizing how much I’m trusting them with. The darkest parts of who I am and painful moments are being sharedb8ad6f8639d4abedfb359ce7156bf500.jpg…and it doesn’t hurt anymore…at least not like it used to. So, at 31 look how far I’ve come (sarcasm), but it’s only fair to share what I learned in these recent moments:

  1. Some wounds will NEVER heal. They aren’t meant to because they were never supposed to be there to begin with. So, I guess you just accept it and plan for the pain it brings. For me, I pack the bourbon and the extra gauze when I know I’m gonna bleed, and I always know when I’m gonna bleed.
  2. Owning your story is power. Yes I sound like a self-help book. Now go over to the mirror and hug yourself. My story explains my scars and wounds that I got in the war of my life. My experience and my pain, like anyone else’s is individual and can never belong to another.
  3. Scars are a great thing. Spoken like a true masochist. Fact is when deep wounds heal, they leave scars. There is no gaping sore. It is done. All that’s left is the story of how that scar came to be, and memories of the pain.
  4.  Someone will ask you about your scars. If you are ever brave enough to share your story – make sure that person deserves to know it. You don’t owe anyone any explanation of where you have been and what it felt like when you were there.
  5. Be grateful. For what, you decide, but here’s a hint: it isn’t just one thing.




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