Rope swings & __________

We all have those _________(those people, things, situations, experiences, etc.), that wind up teaching us an unfair, painful lesson. I know some of those ___________teach us good lessons too, but tonight it’s about the ones that continue hitting us at inopportune times, in brand spankin’ new ways. These __________ were a part of making the scars that cause it to be scary or unnerving to try new things, massage therapists, or enter into new friendships, relationships…

Let me give you an example…when I was a young girl, (boy, I’m too young to sound that old) the neighborhood kids would all go down to the creek and swing on the rope from the bank into the water. The first summer that I was able to reach the rope from the bank was also the summer that there was very little rainfall, and the water level FullSizeRender.jpgin the creek wasn’t as high. I think you see where I’m going with this…I had no prior experience with rope swings. None. So when the neighborhood boys said “I bet you won’t go off the swing” I thought hell yes I will. Fortunately for me, nothing bad happened. I landed on a rock, scrapped my foot, and bruised my barely developed pride. Well, when you’re older and you go to leave the “bank” on a proverbial rope swing, the stakes are a bit higher and you don’t just scrape your foot…sometimes people get hurt, relationships end, money is lost and promises are broken and the tone is set for us to fear rope swings all together. It’s a cautionary tale plain and simple…rope swings are no joke. Every now and again that scar on my foot will kind of throb like a little alarm, telling me to double-check the depth or pump the brakes…you know like hey haven’t you been here before- definitely don’t do that.

I think life is all about learning some lessons over and over again. I think there’s more to how we deal than what the lesson actually is and with that I have never handled any two situations exactly alike, and I bet you haven’t either. The circumstances, people involved, tone, and outcome are never the same, even if the lesson is the same…with each experience, I think we gain maturity of how to approach it, adapt to it, and respect it. For instance, when we were younger we may have pouted and only wanted to get our way, probably over ice cream. When we got older, we developed a view broader than our own wants and needs. And still as we grow even more, we solve problems for and are amenable to outcomes that serve (hopefully) the greater good. So in my opinion, we don’t handle every situation the same way even if it yields the same lesson.

FullSizeRender.jpgI don’t know about you, but I get angry when I don’t handle something the way I think I should. And, lately I have a few situations I’ve been feeling angry about. I feel like I really let myself down in not honoring the person I’ve become. Like in my rope swing story this isn’t 7 year old me just getting her pride bruised cause she busted her ass in shallow water this is 31-year-old me not utilizing a behavior I paid someone to teach me. Ahhh, I digress…

So ___________ teach us the hard lessons, but because of these lessons, painful or otherwise, we now have a foundation – information about something of which we knew nothing. So, I guess in some ways we have to be grateful for rope swings and ___________.

You might even impress yourself one day soon with how much grace you faced ___________with.

Final thought: experience is a huge non-monetary payday. That is the reason, my friends, that I even get up in the morning.


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