Be Patient With Yourself

snail-3130177__340.jpgI discovered the odd comfort of hard wood floors about a decade ago. I don’t know what I appreciate more lying on my back amongst the dust bunnies…or the cool wood against me or perhaps the change in perspective it seems to provide? It’s a safe place to be. No rug to be pulled out from underneath.

I lay flat staring at the thoughts circling above me…if there is one thing I know for sure about them it is that I am not going to make sense of them tonight. I continue to lie there, worn wood beneath me, the feral cats bickering at themselves under the house and the faint sound of chirping crickets…unfortunately, those observations do not lend me any aid in making sense of the overhanging parade of thoughts.

Just as I start to beat myself for feeling overwhelmed and not sorting this out faster, I jump to no one is too good for this, but everyone handles it differently. So maybe I should give myself a break.

There are times in our lives that we become overwhelmed with emotion and exhausted in trying to process too many feelings. To deal with the discomfort some of us drink heavily, cry hysterically, ignore it completely, become raging bitches, go on binges, and still others respond differently; however, none of those things really get us any closer to making sense of it all, but we tell ourselves we have to do something.

My mother always said in a slightly taunting tone, ” patience is a virtue.” Well, I hate to say it, but I think patience may be the only thing that might actually save us from ourselves.


Many times we treat others better than we treat ourselves, and while that kindness is likely appreciated we mustn’t forget to extend that same kindness to ourselves. Have patience with yourself as you would a dear friend or someone you love. We must give ourselves room to breathe to arrive at our answers. Try not to let the emotional circus, lead by special guest ringleader, Stress, shake you. It’s all a part of the journey. Wait for your answers to come.


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